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    What is the authenticity of AUPP Education Program

    Please refer to “Letter of Support “section of this manual where we have provided letter of supports from the following organizations which endorse AUPP Education Programs. Support letter from Australian Technical and Mangt....

    How does AUPP lead to foreign study/degree?

    On successful completion of AUPP certificate a student will get study exemption in various degrees offered by any of the AUPP partner universities institutions. Year 1 AUPP Program Duration 10 months Diploma Program Student can get...

    Reasons to choose Study Australia

    3 Times Bigger Than India 2.4 Cr. Population (2%) High Currency Rate Job Opportunities for Skilled SSVF Policy Favoring Student’s VISA The Cost of Education is very Reasonable. Easy to transfer in Any...

    Looking to Study Australia?? Think of AUPP once.

    AUPP- Abroad Unified Pathway Program is the unique option to get student visa for Australia. There are many options to study in Australia, If you having good marks, good IELTS score, you can directly apply...

    Benefits of studying at AUPP?

    AUPP is the largest credits transfer program AUPP is one program for several universities and countries Huge cost saving International qualification standard followed important time saving Excellent support services Complete visa assistance by...

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