Admission Process

The study-abroad application process depends on factors such as education qualifications, institute, and the country where you apply. However, the educational centers must consider some steps in the admission process. Career Craaft guides you in:

  • Selecting a suitable study-abroad university.
  • Comparing factors like the program’s reputation, location, cost, and eligibility criteria.
  • Eligibility Check for admission.
  • Design application materials like documents.
  • Draft a persuasive personal statement and curriculum vitae.
  • Interview Preparation, like mock interviews (if required)
  • Interview Preparation (if applicable)
  • Preparing financial documentation
  • Ensure that you meet all your deadlines.
  • Review and Acceptance:
  • Assistance in Visa Application
  • Enrollment and Orientation

At Career Craaft, our team ensures you complete all assignments within the stipulated time, and that application materials are accurate.