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Glance of AUPP_Learn beyond the classroom!

There’s a well said quote, “Winners don’t do different things, they just do things differently.”
At AUPP (Abroad Unified Pathway Program)_Ahmedabad Centre, Career Craaft we follow the same concept. Here, we as a team, cater the needs of every individual carrying a dream to achieve foreign education but, making a huge difference between a consultancy & a premium institute.

What is AUPP?

Today’s world is challenging and moving. In this time, AUPP plays a vital role in crafting your career beyond your imagination by preparing and polishing you for better tomorrow. We believe that the only fundamental key to success in today’s global culture is firm concentration on professionalism and a strong belief in yourself to have that confident personality which always comes within. The beauty of this program is that it gets you ready in advance for your international launch by allowing you to learn the industry culture equipped with the demanded level of knowledge. At AUPP you get a chance to explore yourself and your abilities to achieve your targeted goals to perform the best in your future career.


AUPP provides you with the one-stop-shop for all the guidance, assistance & services you need during your journey for making yourself a confident professional and a productive contributor for today’s society as well as for foreign nationality. We at AUPP ensure that you as a student experience learning with top class teaching facilities, find the best study options, study trending courses, under the popular education providers, get offered a valuable international work experience, demanding highly in India. 
Our experienced team is committed to their services dedicatedly. We at AUPP ensure that you prepare well in prior so that you feel at home in abroad and also, match well with the foreign education pattern. AUPP_Career Craaft’s commitment is an outstanding chance for you to grab this golden opportunity and to accept this life changing journey.

Our Commitment

  • Skilling you up technologically
  • Improving your language proficiency
  • Free learning environment
  • Friendly culture
  • Engaging activities for making you presentable
  • Good earning opportunities
  • Letting you open your wings fully before the final take off
Enabling you to Live, Learn, Earn & Grow…..Best Platform to get your 1st international launch!
– Khushbu Trivedi



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