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Why AUPP ?

The AUPP program has been developed in conjunction with ATMC and the program utilize ATMC curriculums under license. AUPP offers specially crafted Credit Transfer Program to obtain an ATMC Diploma qualification before admission to Australia /Canada / NZ / UK for completing the relevant undergraduate degree programs.

There is a developing demand for various trending courses and practical skill-based learning programs today. The main challenges faced by students intending to study abroad in developed English-speaking nation such as Australia /Canada / NZ / UK are preparation time, money, and a notable difference in the course curricula of home and destination countries. We at AUPP are here to bridge this gap for our dear students. We not only help our students to save on their time and money, but also get used to the foreign universities’ curriculum before landing there, through our ground-breaking and student-friendly pathway program.

The Abroad Unified Pathway Program (AUPP) allows you to undertake the first year of your International Bachelor’s Program in the comfort of your home country & then complete the remaining two years of your Bachelor’s Program in Australia /Canada / NZ / UK. Being prepared well before studying at an overseas campus can help you a lot in achieving great grades and smart planning can lead you to a fantastic professional career. We are committed to providing you with all the guidance you would need during the challenging but a great journey to allow you to become a successful professional and a productive contributor to the society. While you complete your first year in your home country, we strive hard to inculcate the required skills, knowledge, and confidence within you to continue your educational journey overseas as well as to make you a job ready candidate.

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